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Grandmother’s Donkey

When I was seven years old, my grandmother got a donkey that she named Dusty. Dusty was a small Mexican donkey, very sturdy, and sweet. I am not exactly sure why my grandmother decided to get a donkey, except that she had room at her small farm, loved animals, and was somewhat impulsive when it came to her animal acquisitions.  At one time or another, she had cats, dogs, fish, birds, guinea pigs, a mule and a horse that belonged to my mother.  I was her only grandchild at that point, and loved to stay with her and all her animals.  It was during the summer of 1963 that I learned to ride by riding Dusty. She was very tolerant as I learned to ride around and around my grandmother’s house. When Dusty grew tired of me, she would run under a low-hanging branch or bush to scrape me off her back. As I may have mentioned, I mainly learned to duck and dodge, as well as how to fall, from Dusty. My rides with Dusty ended the next spring when I got a horse of my own.

Dusty lived a long time, and my grandmother had her probably twenty-five years or more. My grandmother is 98 years old now, and we still talk about all her animals, and how I must have gotten my love of animals from her, as my parents don’t even have a dog or cat…

Somewhere, there is a photo of me riding Dusty that I haven’t been able to find yet, but here are my mother, my Uncle Dave, and my grandmother each on Dusty, in July 1963.  The other photo is one I took of Dusty with my first camera.  She looks a lot like Bonnet…


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