Karma Acres Farm

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Chuy and the Magic Closet

Because of Chuy, we have taken to calling our little pantry room at the Farm the “Magic Closet”.  We keep just about everything in there, and could not imagine life in our little farmhouse without this space.  Canned goods, canning supplies, baskets for berry-picking and veggie-gathering, large pots and bowls, stacks of clean dog towels, rolls of paper towels, are all somewhat neatly arranged on the floor to ceiling shelving, so nice that it caused a friend to declare that she had “pantry envy”.  We go into this room probably fifty times a day for one thing or another.  For Chuy, however, this room means something even more special – this is the room from which his food magically emerges. 

Chuy is very fond of food, and if you think about it from a canine perspective, the fact that his human can supply food on a consistent, and seemingly effortless, basis must seem like magic.  He is not sure of the details, but somehow his human goes into the pantry closet and comes out with kibble – every day, twice a day – this must be a Magic Closet!   For quite some time now, no matter how many times we go into this long, narrow room, Chuy is right behind us.  It must feel to him like entering Narnia.  He occasionally gets closed in for a few minutes, and when we miss him, we know where to look.  It doesn’t matter if his human goes in and comes right back out, Chuy follows.  When the door to the Magic Closet is closed, he often gazes at it longingly, just waiting until the next time it opens. If left open a crack, he has been known to pry open the door.

Chuy loves the Magic Closet, and would probably stay there all day if we let him.  It doesn’t seem to matter that the magic only happens twice a day.  He knows that sometimes we drop a kibble or two, a treasure to be sought whenever the door to the Magic Closet opens.  Chuy is an eternal optimist.  His enthusiasm reminds us every day, that the magic is always there waiting.


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