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The Great Okra Project

Things I learned from The Farm this weekend: “Two buckets” of okra is a lot once you start pickling it. Jam can sometimes be finicky about jelling. I have a renewed appreciation for what it takes to do canning…

I do have to give a “shout out” to the farmer who grew our okra. I told him I wanted small okra for pickling, and he gave me just that – it was beautiful and just picked that morning. If you would like some, give Vernon a call at 879-2705 or cell at 509-9436. He is in the Ratliff area of Callahan.

Okra grown in Callahan. Just the right size for pickling.

What is now referred to as "the Great Okra Project" - making pickled okra.

Processing the jars of pickled okra in a water bath.

The finished product - 70 pints of pickled okra. Sure hope it tastes like Marba's...


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