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Karma Honey

 “Meant to bee…

Are you a honey lover?  If you are, you’ll love the honey made by the happy bees of Karma Acres Farm located in Northeast Florida.

We are Nassau County, Florida’s premier source for pure, raw local honey.

We sell Karma honey by the jar, jug or pail at local farmers markets or directly to the honey lover.

In North Florida, the primary nectar source for our bees is from a small, slow-growing evergreen holly bush called Ilex Glabra or commonly known as Inkberry, or Galberry. This evergreen shrub with narrow leaves, ¾ – 2” long, grows in the Southern Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and reaches a height of 6 to 8 feet at maturity.

Here in Florida, it grows naturally in the Pine Flatwoods and can be found in swamps and wet areas.

Karma Acres Farm is located next to the Four Creeks  State Forest, a state managed preserve on 13,147 acres.  The Four Creeks Forest was named after the four water systems that transverse its boundaries; Alligator (Mills), Thomas, Boggy and Plummer Creeks.  These four creeks join together to form the headwaters of the Nassau River.  This is an excellent eco-system to support the Gallberry bush and an abundant resource for our bees.  (This is why they are so happy.  They don’t have to fly so far to find the really good stuff.)

Each year starting in late April through early June, Gallberry bushes bloom with white flowers.

Gallberry honey is high in pollen and enzymes and therefore slow to crystallize.

It is desirable for the rich, elegant taste and is prized for its honeycomb. Its flavor is thick and aromatic, a perfect table honey.  Gallberry honey is also known for its lack of granulation.  Even so, this honey is not well known outside of the Southern Georgia/Florida region.

Many people like this honey for cooking and baking because it makes a nice golden crust on breads and pies, and is also nice to drizzle over cooked carrots and oatmeal, and for glazing fish such as salmon.

Honey lovers love Karma Acres honey.  Read what others say about Karma Acres honey.

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